Stockholm, November 23, 2020 

To whom it may concern,

The Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden would hereby renew its call upon the authorities in Armenia to show restrain and respect the democratic values. This includes citizenry’s right to freedom of speech and assembly as long as this is conducted in peaceful manner. The prevailing situation in the aftermath of the war in Artsakh demands unity and respect for democratic values, both respect for the rule of law but also the rights of the people.

Images of the seemingly arbitrary arrest of demonstrators by security forces is worrying signs of sidestepping democratic norms. Although the circumstances have changed dramatically compared with April 2018, the norms for respecting the rights of the people, even those demonstrating and opposing the incumbent government shall be respected. The demise of rule of law will only undermine the remaining respect for the incumbent administration.

In our letter dated to November 16, 2020, the Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden called upon all parties to refrain from the use of force. Although the absence of such a serious case is gratifying, the recent images of arrests are worrisome and reason for our organization to renew its call for respect of democratic values in these difficult times.


The Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden