Stockholm, April 24, 2021



Honorable Chargé d’Affaires Pamela N. Tremont,


On behalf of the Armenian community of Sweden, we would like to commend United States of America and President Joe Biden for recognizing the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 2021. We highly appreciate this expression of solidarity with the Armenian people and standing up for truth and justice. 


The 20th and the 21st centuries are marked with a circle of genocides that have taken millions of innocent lives. The Armenian Genocide was one of the first of the 20th century – a well-planned and systematic extinction of the Armenian population with a clear intent to annihilate the Armenian heritage in the Ottoman Empire.


Unfortunately, to this day, Turkey not only openly denies the Genocide, but also cynically and hypocritically threatens all states and politicians who try to speak the truth about the Genocide. Many countries and their leaders deliberately avoid using the word genocide in order to not evoke the anger of the Turkish government.


With this recognition, President Joe Biden and the United States of America have clearly shown their position by reaffirming the same by the US Congress in 2020.


We hope that, honorable President Joe Biden, your recognition will encourage other states to follow this bright example of championing matters of morality and humanity instead of following short-term realpolitik interests. 



Katrin Hakopian

Chairman of the Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden